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Moving To Florida

Congrats...You Found us! The ONLY Facebook group that isn't realtor owned! The admins love and have a passion for the sunshine state. Come learn the in's and outs of Florida! We are a very positive and helpful group. We discuss the benefits of moving to and living in Florida. We all know Florida is our very own paradise! We are all here together wanting you to have a smooth and safe transition to the sunshine state. We have members that have been a native all their life, members who are going through the process currently. We have people from ALL over. 

So, we hope you join and ask questions and interact in this wonderful and growing group. Engage! We are all in this journey together. Every state does has their challenges. Florida has plenty of room so we are all down here cheering you on so come on down here to the sunshine state. We will be the FIRST to welcome you!

-Jeff & Chrissy Harris (admins) 

Moving To Florida and Living In Florida

We are ecstatic you found our group. This is our open group named, “Moving to Florida and Living in Florida.” For all of you Florida lovers whether you are a local or a tourist they say once you have the Florida sand between your toes, you'll always return. You'll NEVER want to leave. We all know that feeling. There are more activities here than you know let’s go share away some gems & fun things to do in sunny Florida. Welcome locals, tourists, and people that just want to find out if Moving to Florida is for YOU (and family). But even if you only have a few days, you can gratify your sandy soul! So, come join our group so we discuss ALL of Florida and fun things to do in Florida. Don’t be shy to share your photography as well and experiences. We hope you find this group wonderful and helpful for planning your future move. For you locals we appreciate you are here to help others share how wonderful Florida life really is. 🌤💗🏝️